3D Printing: New Opportunities


3D printing is rapidly growing in popularity with every passing day. It can be used in different activity fields and can simplify many processes significantly. 3D printing has already been experimentally used in the following spheres:

  1. Medicine uses tridimensional models for prosthetics, layout training and exoskeleton invention.
  2. In the field of architecture such printer makes the process of layout creation much simpler and faster. Such layouts can be quite complex and include all the details (roads, trees, lighting fixtures, etc.).
  3. Due to the engineers’ development of the large 3D printer constructing, will be easier and faster. Such system is used for constructing walls working by the principle of the crane. With such printer it is possible to construct a two-storied building for 20 hours.
  4. The use of these technologies in the education sector implies the creation of visual teaching materials.

The 3D printer is also used to make souvenirs and toys. The jewelry industry also take advantage of the technology: it is possible to create wax jewel templates much faster. With the 3D printer you can print car prototypes or make musical instruments from different materials. The printing of clothes and shoes has become already real and is used by designers who want to create original patterns to extraordinary individuals’ liking.


The aviation sphere, the defense industry and the space sector are also interested in the development of 3D technologies. In medicine there are experiments on creation of organs. The use of 3D printing with the function of temperature processing in cooking will be also useful.

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