Using Vim for company’s capabilities expansion


Using Vim editor for web development is relevant. A huge number of existing plugins allows for making it as convenient as possible just for you. A simple text editor lets perform a high volume of operations quickly and easily.

Benefits of using Vim

The main difficulty at the initial stage is the very understanding of the operating principles. This will take several weeks. This is the key reason that a significant number of users work with this editor only for 1-2 days and then give up on it. But if you really come to grips with it, then you will discover something new for yourself each time.
The editor offers the following advantages:

  • ease of use in comparison with other IDEs;
  • it is supported all over the world (languages, system), this is enough to create a basic plugin;
  • you do not need a mouse to work with the editor;
  • operation in console mode (you can start actions on one device, and finish on the other).
  • Thanks to this, Vim is popular among professionals.

Plugins features

There is a huge number of useful plugins, among which everyone will be able to find options that work for them. For example, Neocomplcache, Nerd, CtelIp. The last one is especially useful in cases when you remember the name of the document, but forgot which folder it is in.

The bright and vivid design makes the appearance of this editor really attractive. A large number of plugins is found on the official website, where they can be downloaded at any time.

The non-trivial design increases productivity. You only need to pay enough attention to Vim at the initial stage. After that, you wouldn’t want to part with it.

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