Anonymizers: Easy Bypassing of Blocked Resources


Anonymizers are services hiding users’ confidential data, location, web browser and device. They allow to visit prohibited websites. Such services are a sort of mediators between the user’s computer and the blocked resource the user is interested in.

Anonymizers’ Working Mechanism

Anonymizers are often web proxy which functioning is quite simple: the service changes the user’s address, which lets open a needed web page. So, the user can achieve two purposes: his anonymity is improved and the website is “unblocked”. Besides, the website statistics will have not an address of the user but IP of the proxy server.

Rules of Choosing Reliable Anonymizer

When choosing a high-quality anonymizer you should take into account its work speed and support of necessary resources. Only this way its friendly use and effectiveness can be guaranteed. Do not ignore basic safety regulations, as the service will gain a full access to user’s data. To avoid possible problems, rely upon your acquaintances’ recommendations and anonymizer’s reputation and work duration.

The most common web browser allowing to visit websites incognito is Tor. Its main advantages:

  • user’s total anonymity;
  • bypass of network surveillance violating the right for privacy protection;
  • it is easy to use;
  • danger blocking for the computer safety;
  • it is available on any device.

You should also remember that anonymity mode do not protect valuable data completely. When transferring important information you should pay no less attention to safety issues than when working with standard web browsers.

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