Artificial Intelligence in Business. Experience of Global Brands


Now more companies use artificial intelligence to develop their businesses. Moreover, they create smart robots and special programs that help structure files and carry out some small tasks, as well as apps for entertainment purposes. For instance, Microsoft has developed a smart platform that predicts the results of sport events.

Experience of Implementation

Most global companies and transcontinental corporations develop their own artificial intelligence. For instance:

  • Adobe;
  • Salesforce;
  • Microsoft.

Adobe traditionally focuses on improving specifications of video playback. Artificial intelligence Adobe Sensei has been developed exactly for this. It will underline necessary points on pictures and videos on its own. Sensei will be also able to impose visual effects on the picture.

Salesforce is a system developed by Einstein that will be implemented into all products of the company soon. Due to artificial intelligence it will be possible to optimize sales, analytics and organize collective work. It will help raise productivity considerably and save much time.

Artificial intelligence from the Microsoft Corporation will be able to analyze some company’s business indicators. For example, based on available data the system will be able to predict what customer outflow or inflow to expect in the near future, how income will change, etc.

So, many global companies are already successfully implementing artificial intelligence. It allows to save time and money significantly. Performing even the simplest operations such system provides fast and high quality results and the work done simplifies the fulfillment of further tasks.

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