Augmented Reality: Borders of Future


Augmented Reality: Borders of Future

Augmented reality is a human’s view of the world complemented with digital devices. Only fiction writers used to write about this but the 21st century makes this real.


Augmented reality is aimed at increasing the volume of information used by men. According to the specialists’ prediction, in the nearest future we will not have to use smartphone or turn on the TV to watch some news. They will be available on a special device, for instance, Google Glass. Such product is not only cost-effective but also will let you keep up to date with outside and global news without making some special effort.

Already today the market of such products is large and is not limited to glasses. Remember so popular app PokemonGo! This app has conquered the minds of million users all over the world. And this is because usual surroundings are supplemented with virtual characters.

Modern Market of Virtual Reality

The orientation of such apps is broad: there are only entertaining or only information apps. At present, their total value is more than 5 billion dollars and it only continues growing. Using eyesight and hearing the developers are able to create such illusion that inveigles the user. But not only PokemonGO caused a sensation on the market. There are many other apps that have already succeeded and are still gaining popularity, for example:

  • Blippar;
  • Zombies, Run!;
  • Ingress;
  • Geocaching.

Games, as well as navigation developments for different purposes, are represented here.

Users of Android and iOS already can install such apps. Augmented reality is constantly penetrating our everyday life. The things of which we have once dreamt are real now.

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