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  • Random video conferences
  • Multimedia streaming
  • Social networks integration, UX and a lot of other stuff

Cheers is an innovative kind of a chat roulette, innovation being the possibility for several users to communicate simultaneously, due to the fact that the connection and transmission of the video image from the camera to the server is based on principles of a conference.

The project of chat is written in Java script and Stack MEAN. For the participation in the video chat there must be a web camera, a microphone and a flash player programme set on the computer. Meeting and further communication in Cheers is much quicker than in ordinary chat roulette.

In fact, you can see several interlocutors at the same time and and decide whether you are interested or not. If you are not interested in other users, you can easily swap to others, even three at once. The ban system is well-arranged in chat, the violators are to be punished, so users have to behave in a civilized manner in order to be treated the same.

Technologies we used here are:

- WebRTC is a web browsers with Real-Time Communications capabilities.
- Node.js as a backend framework.
- Angular.js as a main frontend framework.
- MongoDB as a database since it provides a great flexibility absolutely needed in such kind of tasks.

Thousands of users visit the video chat site daily to find new friends and communicate in the web. Many users come to chat site to entertain themselves and rest from their everyday work. Simple menu to manage and access your information and app functions. As it is seen on a screenshot, it is simple enough to manage the chat and intuitively clear for every user. The chat will be extremely useful for people who wished to have some language practice but could not have it for some reasons.

In fact, with the help of our chat you will easily meet someone from a foreign country. You can communicate with several people simultaneously or in a private chat with a friend. Talking to someone in chat in a real time is an achievement of technical progress. See if you are comfortable in this communication, if it is good for you and what you get from it. At a present time chat allows you to make a quick search through the list of users. For the comfort of our users there is a search filter in the app - you can search by name, online presence, sexual preferences.

Creative and talented specialists present to your attention - Cheers. The system is constantly updated in order to fully realize the full potential of online communication. A team of developers is constantly inspired, following the reviews and suggestion of those, for whom the video chat had become a faithful helper and a friend. Every user can count on high-level services:

  • excellent sound and quality of image;
  • comfortable management;
  • variety of useful functions;
  • adherence of agreement.

All these advantages become obvious the first time using Cheers. Chat is created for everyone who values their time and wishes to spend it with pleasure and avail.

Possibly, just as you might be, there is someone out there today, who feels lonely and a bit sad. Wishing for emotions to be shared, to feel supported and to have faith in one`s own powers. Or wishing to share news from around the worls about fashion or cars, or anything at all. The best video chat works round-the-clock, connecting your ideas, hearts and feelings. Choosing our video chat, you get maximally complete and reliable information about your companions, their appearance, character, style of communication. With us even an ordinary conversation grows into new possibilities, enthralling adventures and unforgettable experiences.

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