Cloud Future. This Reality Has Begun


Cloud data storage services have become so user-friendly that now the vast majority of users rely on them. Modern companies all over the world aim to optimize their strategies to use the latest technologies. Cloud technologies have rapidly broken into our everyday life and are capturing new fields day by day.

Dynamic market growth

Every day, ten million TB of data that have to be kept in secure sources accumulate. Today, leading companies try to combine public and their own clouds where they can keep data. The advantages of such data storage system are:

  • Opportunity to keep a large amount of data;
  • Fact access to relevant data;
  • Accumulation of different files at one place.

Leading analysts predict a further growth of such technology. The costs of cloud computing increase, and over the last few years, investments in this market segment have increased by more than 50%. Scalability and an opportunity to get information via mobile devices make cloud services more popular.

Relevant cloud solutions

The major task of the technology is to enhance the security. However, modern analysts’ researches show that this problem is easily solved and there are no past risks. Developers create internal apps for corporate customers, and a limited number of individuals has an access to these apps. It allows to prevent an unauthorized access and to keep all data safe.

As the level of mobile traffic dynamically grow, there are good reasons to support that cloud services will gain more popularity.

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