Cryptocurrency Advertising Prohibition from Google


New Confrontation?

The changes in the Google policy for the cryptocurrency advertising will come into effect on 1 June. What did condition this? We can hardly answer clearly this question but we will try to consider this in detail.

The appearance of cryptocurrencies has exploded the global community, as this is a real alternative to the classical financial system. Fast, secure and unlimited transactions – it sounds almost utopian. It is not surprising that the criminal underworld has noticed such a good and convenient thing. The opportunity to make untracked money transactions is too attractive and calls for using it.

Google has decided on the prohibition due to the following factors:

  • widespread cryptocurrency fraud;
  • appearance of malicious programs having an unauthorized access to the mining resource.

Despite this, the company has also supplemented that the advertising is permitted after the certification.

Outrage of Crypto Community

Some countries, for example, Russia, Korea and China were not satisfied with such state of affairs. They are going to file a complaint, as they think that Google and other corporations are in collusion to seize the reins of power of the market. If it turns out that shareholders of these companies have crypto wallets, a complaint will relate to them too.

So what is it – care for the reputation and users’ safety or a desire to control the cryptocurrency market? At the same time, opinions differ but present a consensus that this is just a beginning of the conflict between crypto investors and leading companies.

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