Cyber Security: Neutralization of Hacker Attacks in Today’s World



Cyber security plays a very important role in the era of the information society. All files and data are digitized. It is very convenient but there is a growing risk of data theft. It is obvious that such risk is not so great for the ordinary user but if it comes to documents of national importance, it is necessary to consider security methods.

Security Peculiarity

Cyber security is considered as a complex of means and methods of keeping important data in case of potential threats. To perform such operations it is necessary to be professionally prepared. In 2017, cyber security costs have already globally increased up to 7%. The largest companies and governments around the world try not only to stop but to preclude hacker attacks. That is why billions of dollars are spent on the development of new security systems (quantum communication system is one of the vivid examples).

There are many computer viruses having a different impact on the work of gadgets. All files can be destroyed and some operating principles can be violated. The virus called Petya that has been recently spread on many companies’ computers raised new requirements for cyber security.

Process of Secured Network Development

It is almost impossible to create an invulnerable network but there is a possible attempt to minimize the number of weak spots. The network should be:

  • holistic;
  • private;
  • available and user-friendly.

As a result of working on improving cyber security, a unique network that will be protected from the outside influence should be created. It will become a key to companies and governments successfully working in the 21st century.

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