Development of Technological Singularity


Technological singularity is a possible time point when the technological progress can be so rapid and complex that it can stop being understandable. It will allegedly take place after inventing the integration between the computer machine and the human being. The approaching progress is also connected with:

  • development of artificial intelligence;
  • improvement of brain abilities with biotechnologies;
  • invention of self-reproducing machines.

According to scientists, we can face the technological singularity already in 2030. According to the most optimistic forecasts, it will take place in 2045. However, the time issue is officially open, just like the odds of its existence and its pace of development.

The theory was criticized by many scientists. Some of them suggest that there will be no fierce crisis. The others believe that the singularity cannot be achieved because in the real world a phenomenon in a particular sphere is changed even before its appearance. However, if taking into account many factors, such as rapid demographic growth and scientific progress, we can conclude that this phenomenon is quite possible.


As for the issue of possible phenomenon’s results, scientists have different opinions. Some believe that the technology development has only positive effects that will let people optimize their opportunities by integrating all achievements and knowledge. The others fear the loss of control over the technologies that can substitute for humans making them useless in general.

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