Dynamics of Bitcoin Rate in 2018


The rate of the most popular cryptocurrencies has become one of the major topics of discussion among experts and ordinary people at the end of 2017 and in early 2018. Constant changes and spikes raise a series of skeptical opinions on this market segment development prospects.

Current trends

After the rapid growth of the rate in the second half of the past year, there was a sharp decline. Bitcoin exceeding $20 000 not just started falling, but almost decreased by 1/3. The winter crisis raised rumors of the cryptocurrency failure. In early spring, we saw the bitcoin rate stabilizing. Of course, there are fluctuations within 5-10%, but we have not observed 20-25% spikes and any similar subsidence anymore.
This means that the market switches to a new phase when the dynamic of changes is not so stable. A lot of factors impact on the rate:

  • political environment (ban on the use of cryptocurrency);
  • market boom;
  • mining constraints.

Now it is much more difficult to obtain cryptocurrency, so we should not wait for serious declines.

Forecasts on the second half of the year

Decentralization of exchanges allows a great number of players to make transactions in bitcoin. This will affect the dynamics of its development and promotion in a positive way. Legislative measures allowing the cryptocurrency to work in the legal field are necessary too. Bitcoin being in limbo discourages many potential investors.
The cryptocurrency advantages are safety and security of transactions made, and if this is maintained, its relevance and reliability will only rise. Do not expect serious fluctuations. Now we can only predict that the rate will gradually rise and by the end of the year achieve the maximum value of 2017.

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