Improved Image HDR


HDR is a dynamic image range or, in other words, the ratio of light image areas to black ones. The human eye is able to adapt to the brightness level compared to cameras and payback devices that are limited in this function. So, we often notice undesirable difference between images displayed on a monitor and reality. To compensate for such range the HDR mode is used. It allows to discover great color rendition.

Application of HDR Technologies

Such effect is widely used in apps to edit images in both Android, and iOS. Its working mechanism implies the right selection and ratio of image areas for the most realistic color rendition. It is inappropriate to use such effect for photographing on the go, as you can get unpredictable results due to exposures’ combination implying some delay in shooting speed.

The HDR technology is used to invent high quality TV-sets and monitors. If combined with 4K we can get the result characterized by the following criteria:

  • increased brightness;
  • maximum attention to detail;
  • improved contrast.

But you should take into account the fact that such equipment requires a special content, such as video and images with an expanded range of color and tint rendition.

Fortunately, due to the development of HDR technologies more and more corresponding content appears every day. Unlike the resolution that only adds up pixels, this format considerably improves the quality of an image contributing to great prospects for the development of the multimedia industry.

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