key pros of outsourсing software development and how we handle its key cons

Outsourcing means passing certain tasks or jobs over to an external specialized vendor or contractor. Outsourcing has recently become a common practice in the IT industry when a non-IT company acting as the Customer assigns development of its software to a specialized software development company acting as the Service Provider. This usually happens because the Customer has no dedicated in-house staff to accomplish the mission.


The below text sheds some light on key advantages of assigning software development to external providers as compared to hiring the in-house specialists.

Proven benefits of outsourcing software development

  • Cost saving
  • Time saving
  • Flexibility
  • Access to a universe of software development professionals to choose from
  • Exclusive method to upgrade existing technologies or migrate to new ones
  • Proper testing of the software product
  • Focusing on what really matters for the business

Alleged evils of outsourcing software development

  • Low quality of the product
  • Insufficient communication
  • Lack of direct control
  • Different time zones and cultures
  • Language barriers
  • Compromising information security and confidentiality

Now we will try to address and expand all of the above statements. And we will start with the advantageous sides of assigning software development task to an outer service provider as compared to hiring and maintaining the in-house development team.

1. Cost saving

Correct, costs saving is one of the crucial advantages of outsourcing development. A company attracting an external vendor saves its money in several ways - no in-house staff payrolls need to be paid on a permanent basis, no taxes and other duties from in-house staff salaries need to be paid, no fees need to be paid to recruiters for finding proper specialists, no expensive computers and development software and tools need to be purchased and then wasted etc.
In our case, Do IT Programming Solutions assumes all obligations to pay salaries to developers, their taxes etc.

2. Time saving

Check! Your company don’t spend days and weeks on looking for, interviewing, hiring and training of in-house developers. You outsource development of your software application to a skilled professional team capable of and trained on using most advanced development technologies and tools.
At Do IT Programming Solutions we have settled and skilled development teams to match projects in any of our areas of expertise. Our staff combined professional experience in software development exceeds 300 years, so you may be confident in their sufficient mastership in using and knowing the required technologies and tools. At Do IT Programming Solutions we have settled and skilled development teams to match projects in any of our areas of expertise. Our staff combined professional experience in software development exceeds 300 years, so you may be confident in their sufficient mastership in using and knowing the required technologies and tools.

3. Flexibility

Absolutely! This statement means that your company may contract an external development company for a certain period. You won’t need to hire and shortly after that, in case of a short project performance period, fire staff and gain a reputation of a company with high worker circulation rates. You control for how long you attract outer team. And you may also scale up or down the development team any time, to respond to the changing situation.
Do IT Programming Solutions would be happy to help you with projects of any duration and level of complexity. We display equal respect and treatment to all our clients, regardless of their size or alike.

4. Access to a universe of software development professionals to choose from

Boom! The market of software development outsourcing is one of the largest markets globally, and it keeps growing bigger and bigger. That means that there are countless providers of outsourced software development services. And any business may find that only company or team that is best suitable for a specific project or task. Properly maintained client feedback platforms allow learning about skills and professionalism of the majority of such service providers.
Do IT Programming Solutions is one of highly appraised software developers according to UpWork and we obtained from UpWork the recognition award as the best IT agency in Odessa, Ukraine. We encourage you to contact any of our happy clients for their feedback and opinion on our performance.

5. Exclusive method to upgrade existing technologies or migrate to new ones

Indeed. If a business wants to migrate its system to a new technology or platform, in-house development team, even if there is such, may not be able to implement it due to their narrow specialization and adherence to a specific technology or platform. And the business will have to assign this task to an outer vendor, while still needing to settle payrolls of its in-house team.
At Do IT Programming Solutions we are all in love with new and hot technologies and tools. We treat them as a kid treats new toy - we disassemble them to see what they have inside and how they work. We try to reassemble them again to verify and test their operability. We try to keep up with the lightning pace of the IT industry development.

6. Proper testing of the software product

In most cases it is true, because professional software development firms employ expensive testing systems and platforms that cannot be afforded by in-house development teams, and their staff has received adequate specialized training on test methods and on the use of appropriate testing systems and tools.
At Do IT Programming Solutions, we are practicing using the most advanced testing systems and procedures, and ensure that all members of our testing teams are properly trained on such.

7. Focusing on what really matters for the business

It is undoubtful. A business that assigns development of its software system or solution to an external developer gets rid of this burden and routine and suddenly gets quite a nice period of time that can be spent to address business-specific issues and resolve essential for the business problems. The business may use this opportunity to upgrade its sales strategies or modernize its procedures and policies, or take other critical measures that have been postponed for quite a while.
Believing that everyone shall do what he or she is best in, Do IT Programming Solutions always aims to release our clients from unneeded routines or non-core operations. We are committed to help our clients focus at their core activities while still having the last word in discussions of the project.

We think that the above seven statements reflect most essential benefits the businesses may get as a result of outsourcing their software development to external vendors. There are also many sideby advantages resulting from any of these seven, and in case of desire, description and substantiation of each of them can be easily found on the Internet.
Summing up, our point of view on choosing between outsourcing software development or setting up the in-house development team is to find an outsourced feeling like the in-house one. We believe that our company is exactly such team, and we encourage you to contact us and discuss all issues you may have concerning the outsourcing.

1. Low quality of the product

One of the main concerns a business may have when outsourcing its software development to an external vendor is the product quality, as sometimes it may be much more difficult to track quality of the product being developed externally. Our advice would be to pick up a reliable outsourcing development partner with a proven performance record and sufficient number of positive feedbacks from reputable clients.
Do IT Programming Solutions has always been targeted to provide our clients with the best quality solutions at reasonable cost. For this purpose, we perform a scrupulous casting of our staff, regularly test and assess their skills, organize and foster their refresher and upgrade trainings, employ best suitable development processes, technologies and tools, use most optimized software testing systems, and ensure our staff gets proper brain rest to stay firmly on the ground.

2. Insufficient communication

In many cases external service providers assigned with the task of software development are located in other countries than the clients. This fact may give rise to communication-related issues, when it is difficult for the client to regularly communicate with the outsource development team. The problem may be exaggerated by unavailability of the appointed contact person or similar issues.
Do IT Programming Solutions has been aware of this problem for a long time already, and we have taken precautions to avoid it. For each of our projects we appoint, in addition to the Project Manager, a person who will act as sort of “next kin” and will be responsible for communicating with the client in case PM is unavailable for a certain reason. We also want to get clear understanding of the client’s requirements and vision, therefore we schedule regular meetings between the client and the development team to discuss all unresolved or risky issues and peculiarities. We want to keep our clients as much involved in the development process as possible, and we believe that’s one of our strengths.

3. Lack of direct control

Undoubtedly, as compared to software development by in-house teams outsourcing software development may display, at least visually, some lack of direct control over the development process. We think this problem is a matter of poor efforts coordination and distribution of responsibilities. For avoidance of such danger, at the very initial stage of the project we discuss with the client all possible methods of control.
We appoint contact persons our clients may use as “eyes and ears” to track the progress and report any issues, including the minor ones. If that is insufficient for earning the client’s confidence, we may sign additional contract establishing the client-identified control activities and identifying persons responsible for keeping the client posted about the project progress. And we always remember that the last word shall always belong to the client.

4. Different time zones and cultures

As mentioned above, it may happen that external development team sits in other country or even on another continent than the client. That leads to the risk of different time zones and cultures, including the religions, traditions etc.
As a precaution to mitigate such risk, Do IT Programming Solutions always adapts to the clients - we will schedule regular - daily or weekly, or as required by the client - video meetings or calls so it is convenient both for the client and for us, mainly during the client’s time zone operating hours. And we may make the respective provision in the contract signed with the client, in order to make the client confident this provision will be fulfilled. As regards the cultural differences, it is not a problem for us at all, as we respect all cultures, religions, and traditions. We follow the principle “treat people as you want to be treated”, period.

5. Language barriers

Again, as mentioned above, external development team may be located in another country and their native language may be different than that of the client.
At Do IT Programming Solutions, we have always believed in globalization and, therefore, have taken our best efforts to be closer to becoming the global citizens. For that purpose, virtually all members of our development teams, not only Project Managers, speak English. We also provide company-paid English course taught by native English-speaking teaching professionals so that all our people can visit such course and upgrade their English level.

6. Compromising information security and confidentiality

Information security and confidentiality is certainly one of the most critical concerns to be addressed when a business decides to outsource development of its software to any external company. There certainly exist unfair vendors.
But we don’t belong to such. In order to exclude even the slightest violation of the security and confidentiality of sensitive client- and software-related information, we always sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with our client at the very beginning. NDA outlines the whole range of threats to the information security and confidentiality and establishes both our and the client’s responsibility in case of breaching the requirements. This agreement provides our client with respective remedies the client may enforce in case of any such breach.

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