Large Apple Watch Display: What Does It Give to Users?


The Apple management is going to announce the release of new models of its watch soon. It is tentatively expected that the devices will be presented to the public in the second half of 2018. The advantages of new Apple Watch models:

  • larger display;
  • longer autonomous functioning;
  • updated efficiency monitoring.

The display will become bigger by 15%, which will let not only see the chosen commands better, but also implement more functions into the device. The maximum size will be 48 mm.

Advantages of Updated Set

It has been possible to make the display bigger due to the frame narrowing. Due to this, the display is bigger but does not exceed the size of the device. However, it was not possible to keep the previous size, as the battery of the updated version will become bigger too.

In Apple Watch, new technologies from the global giant will be available. In particular, MicroLED is developed now. This is a display of the new generation that has already been created by the company developers. However, this information is still not officially confirmed. Apple Watch will have much more sensors than the previous version. While only the heart rhythm was considered before, now there are more technological novelties that the developers keep secret.

The market experts note that the new model attracts with its design and more optimized operation. After its release, the prices of the previous models will fall, which will let broaden the targeted audience. In total, Apple is planning to sell 20-25 millions of new watches. This means almost a 30 per cent increase compared to the previous year. However, this figure is not a limit, as experts and analysts suppose that the number of items sold may reach 50 million in the future.

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