Launch of the Largest Quantum Communication Network in the World from Chinese Developers


The Chinese Government has decided to protect itself from hackers and foreign intelligence by using new technology Jinan Project. This network is planned to cover only users from Beijing and Shanghai from the beginning but afterwards it will cover all residents of the country.

Principles of Functioning

The feature of this technology is a fact that it notifies the users of illegal access to their databases itself. The QDK technology negates other intelligence or just hackers’ possibilities to intercept confidential information of the Chinese government.

It will be primarily used only in some spheres of the People’s Republic of China. These are:

  • economic;
  • military sector;
  • confidential information.

In the first stage, the number of users will amount to approximately 200 people who are members of the Government or are close to it. Besides, developers are very ambitious and intend to distribute the network to all residents of the Celestial Empire in the nearest future. Moreover, they are also planning to cooperate with neighboring Asian countries and strategic partners.

Chinese developers have the largest quantum system in the world, the total length of which segments already exceeds 2000 kilometers. When transferring data the user can be sure that information is sent as quickly as possible and is reliably protected from outsiders. It should be noted that other countries are also implementing such technology but its promotion is quite slow and even significant investments don’t help launch such project successfully.

Therefore, China can get a strategic advantage on the security market and become invulnerable to its geopolitical opponents in the nearest future.

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