Mobile apps that will be relevant in the oncoming year


Mobile applications become more and more popular every year, so it is not surprising that the requirements for their quality become more and more severe. The most popular types of apps are social networks and messengers. We take them off the table, as they are constantly in demand by many people from all over the world.

Relevant apps in 2018

In the modern world, the app must be “smart”. It must help the person cope with routine problems or back them up in the hour of need. The good example of such an app is a smart alarm clock that analyzes person’s habits. The app has already become popular in 2017, but there’s still room for growth since the user segment is not too large at the moment. Alarm clock:

  • monitors the phases of sleep;
  • analyzes the person’s movements;
  • distinguishes unusual sounds.

Thanks to this, waking up in the morning becomes as simple and comfortable as possible.
Another interesting app is Weav Run. Unlike most programs that analyze running data, this one also selects music and adapts to the person’s rhythm. Its other advantage is the presence of voice prompts, thanks to which it will be easier to get your body into shape. Weav Run shows detailed statistics, using which you will be able to track the changes in your performance.
Time app is great for people who are always putting important things away for later. It helps fight procrastination. The app remembers the tasks that a person has set in the morning, so that they will have to check it all day and mark their activity. Time displays statistics on what point of the day you were most active; also, it will ask you to move to another task immediately after the previous one is complete.
Trends in apps are constantly changing. It is important to choose not just trendy, but useful ones.

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