New Security Standards for IT Industry


The requirements for the security level are regularly rising. This primarily relates to the sphere of IT technologies. The systems’ vulnerability leads to the fact that intruders get an access to the important information and use it for their personal purposes. This is possible to enhance the security of networks and particular users due to the use of special technologies.

Rising Requirements in Technology Development

The improvement of security standards has recently been connected with hacker attacks having a significant impact on leading companies and state institutions in all parts of the world. At present, the requirements for cloud technologies that have become a new solution for storing information are rising too.
That is why the number of checks and other sessions to be confirmed has increased. The “lifetime” of cookies is decreased, so, in the near future, a series of web portals that get them by means of HTTP connections will be considered as insecure.
The leading players on the market have become more demanding of written codes. The trivial truth is that they must be self-documented. However, it fully corresponds to the reality, as otherwise, the professional information is at stake. The preferable directions in the near future will be:

  • increased speed of transactions;
  • enhanced security of the transactions made;
  • stable functioning even under high loads.

The development of these factors will let broaden the audience and rely on its loyalty, which is quite important if the audience grows.
Technologies are rapidly breaking into our lives and the industry will set new security standards soon.

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