Online Shopping: How to Save Personal Data from Hackers


Online shopping has already become a sort of routine for many users. However, there is a risk and many people even do not suspect it. When you enter your personal data, there is always a possibility that they will be captured by perpetrators engaged in extortion.

Protection from scammers

First of all, it is necessary to trust reliable online shops where your friends or acquaintances have already bought something. Do not enter detailed information about you. Sometimes confine yourself to the cash payment not to let your bank card details appear in online shops.

Certainly, incidents of transferring data to unauthorized people are a flagrant violation of human rights. They do not happen voluntarily, so perpetrators can hack servers and learn information they are interested in. It relates to:

  • age and sex;
  • family composition;
  • income.

It is better not to specify such information not to fall into a trap.

Ways of removing the threat

Always track banking transactions relating to your card thoroughly. You can do this on the website of the financial institution or via SMS. Developers create special programs aimed at ensuring the security and safety of the data provided. Such component is regularly developed by workers of online shops and other institutions connected with payments made on the World Wide Web.

Do not enter detailed information and your personal data – these are the main things, to which scammers try to find a key, as they aim to find victims’ weaknesses. Always track the transactions made and do not afraid of seeking the bank’s assistance if you have any questions.

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