Privacy on the Internet under Present Conditions


Despite the fact that scandals connected to the information leakage have not touched ordinary users, this does not mean that they are kept an eye on. The collected information about the users is offered to them as an advertisement. At least, it is unpleasant to realize that almost every step is tracked.

Protective Mechanisms

Social networks are especially vulnerable. Let’s consider the simplest and most effective ways to protect the privacy in Facebook. They include:

  1. Account accessibility setup. Tick that no one can see you beyond the social network.
  2. It is better to delete the information on your birth date and geographic coordinates.
  3. Excessive activity is also pointless, as intruders seeing where you are at the moment can benefit from this.

For the security in Google, you should disable services doing the tracking. Clean your history regularly if it does not contain important links. Each puzzle plays a big role.

In Instagram, you can also restrict an access to your account and add only reliable users. For more security, you can disable the synchronization of the app with Facebook and other social networks. The information posted on hashtags is easily tracked. It is also easy to find the person’s geographic coordinates.

In Telegram, there is a function of a secret chat that helps increase the security of the messenger.

So, simple steps will help reduce risks existing in the modern world. This will not help you hide from a total control but will reduce the number of ads and other useless data. Effective pieces of advice are the first step to keep the personal data safe.

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