Prohibition of Apps for Mining from Apple. New Confrontation?


The mining has recently become so widespread that users are searching for new ways to obtain cryptocurrencies. One of them is special mobile apps that can be downloaded or bought in online stores. However, Apple has almost prohibited the mining.

According to the official documents, the developers now can’t create apps that would let obtain cryptocurrencies. Also, even the indirect advertising of mining in the context of existing applications is prohibited. Such strict policy has really surprised many market participants.

Future Mining Prospects with Apple

At this stage, they seem quite strict. The apps supporting the corporate policy have already started to be removed from AppStore.

The reason for such a policy is an unwillingness to help competitors develop their own business. Also, Apple has set about contact lists on devices. The developers say that they care for ordinary users in such a way. The company management calls for an explanation whether one or another app uses such data.

Such a policy is another proof that global giants consider cryptocurrencies as a potential threat to them, as Google has recently prohibited their advertising, which evoked a wide response. Future scenarios can be the following:

  1. Full-fledged prohibition for many years. Such a scenario seems the most obvious.
  2. Partial ceasing of restrictions on particular projects.
  3. Full freedom for new projects, which will contribute to the market development.

The latter is probably only if the market will be changed significantly. It is still hard to believe this, especially if taking into account the skepticism of technical giants.

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