Quantum Communication Network: New Level of Data Security


Quantum communication network is a data exchange system that is notable for its security from hacker attacks. There is a fast transfer of necessary files within the network. The network functions in accordance with principles of the quantum mechanics, due to which the security of information remains at the highest level.

Peculiarities of Data Transfer in Quantum Network

A qubit is responsible for the data transfer. One distinctive feature is that it is impossible to read such data on the first try due to the physical properties. After the qubit being transferred through the data transfer channel, its structure is changed. Subsequent attempts to read data show results that differ from the initial ones.

Therefore, the system stands out favorably among the others and leading manufacturers around the world seek to implement it. Photonic signals are transmitted due to special equipment installed on the fiber-optic network. As a result, single-photon impulses are encoded, read and received.

Worldwide Application

Governments all over the world try to implement the system for greater security. China that has already announced the launch of the quantum communication network has made much progress in this regard. After launching a satellite successfully it will be possible to create the unprecedented network. There will be a special device inside of it containing of:

  • laser diodes;
  • photon detectors;
  • other equipment (including a special mirror).

At the earlier phases it will be possible to use the quantum communication network only to transfer important government data. But the times when such system covers usual users are not so far off. As a result, we will be able to ensure the security of files and data from unauthorized access.

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