Rapid Development of Artificial Intelligence


Literally a few years ago we correlated the AI with a pure fiction. However, due to the last engineers’ outstanding achievements in this sphere intellectual systems have become real. Now such technologies are still of a restricted application. These are some popular AI systems created by humans:

  1. Chess supercomputer Deep Blue.
  2. Watson, a speech recognition system.
  3. MYCIN, a disease diagnosis system.
  4. 20Q is based on the game called “20 Questions”.

Nowadays, there are two main trends, in accordance with which the artificial intelligence is developed. The first one is connected with the AI approaching to human capabilities and their consolidation. The second one aims at the integration of intellectual systems’ capabilities to solve global problems.

Experts’ Forecasts

Futurologists predict that synthetic biology, virtual reality, robotics and AI are possible to develop soon. Peter Diamandis defined the artificial intelligence as a computer’s possibility to detect essence of questions and give a corresponding answer. Therefore, we can define AI features in such systems, as Now, Cortana, Google or Siri.

In future there will be more ways of interaction with computers through touching and smelling. For instance, the device that can detect and transmit odors has been already invented.

The development of the artificial intelligence is aimed at solving climate issues, enhancing the educational effectiveness, regulating social issues and optimizing scientific researches.

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