Over the last year, Do IT has helped RetroTax improve their workflow by optimising existing applications and providing new technical solutions. In the 21st century, automation, stable CRM, and a team available on-call day and night to solve any technical problem is essential to any business. In terms of our partnership with RetroTax, Do IT designed, built, and maintained several outstanding applications to streamline their work processes. Do IT utilised a range of technologies including:

- Node.js
- Coldfusion
- Java
- AngularJS
- MongoDB
- jQuery
- Bootstrap
- Selenium

Please find a short brief about each solution provided below:

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The RetroTax Plugin is a configurable, easy-to-use application built for their clients, alliance partners, and partnering organizations to screen job seekers, applicants, and new hires for a range of tax credits. The plugin has 3 different modes for use with On-Boarding Systems, Applicant Tracking Systems, and Pre-Qualification Screening. This web-solution, which can be built in your website, provides a fast and convenient way for registering new employees in RetroTax's proprietary screening application Tax Credit ID (TCID).

Module features:

  • - jQuery
  • - Bootstrap


This single page application is an internal business application used by RetroTax to consume and validate addresses to determine their location in relation to geographic zones, which would qualify them for tax credits.

Module features:

  • - NodeJS
  • - Mongo DB
  • - Google Maps API
  • - Google Fusion Tables
  • - OpenShift (PaaS)


An internal application used by RetroTax. The Selenium application executes parallel tests via its web-interface's configuration panel, which includes options to run tests in varying OSs, browsers, and versions.

Module features:

  • - NodeJS
  • - Java
  • - Selenium
  • - Browserstack
  • - Amazon AWS
  • - AngularJS

Tax Credit ID (TCID)

TCID is RetroTax's proprietary tax credit screening platform. The TCID CRM system screens and stores employee data, creates and manages a massive number of PDF documents, handles tax calculations, among much more. Do IT built new core features, including a Google Drive API integration, built custom API gateways with RetroTax partners, and maintained the application.

Module features:

  • - Coldfusion
  • - CfWheels
  • - jQuery
  • - MSSQL
  • - Google Drive API
  • - Amazon AWS


Document recognition tool with web-interface. Works with local user's file system. Classifies documents via IBM Watson service and uploads them to TCID.

Module features:

  • - NodeJS
  • - jQuery
  • - Bootstrap
  • - Watson API
  • - Tesseract