• Integration with Facebook
  • Search based on personal interests and living references
  • User Friendly Web and mobile applications
  • 24/7 customer service

Project overview
More people around the world are choosing to live together and we think sharing a place can be a brilliant living experience and a great way to save (or make) money so we can all live better.

Founded in September of 2003 and based in New York City, Roomster has made the experience of sharing a home easy & safe. Roomster is a trusted name for people to post & search for accommodations around the world with other like minded individuals. Roomster connects people at all price points in 192 countries.

From November 2016 and at present time, Do IT has helped Roomster improve their workflow by optimizing existing applications and implementing new features and design in web and mobile solutions. Do IT implemented automatic testing, due to the fact that the application is used by millions users it is very important to have automatic tests which reveals issues before the new version will be deployed on production.

Do IT utilized a range of technologies including:

Common Problems with Legacy Project

Maintain legacy project can be difficult if team which has been working on it is not experienced. Working with Roomster legacy codebase Do IT faced with a number of problems:

- hard to maintain messy codebase with bad architecture - previous team didn't wrote unit tests - adding new features causes bugs in other parts of application - previous team didn't followed react best-practises, used jQuery instead of react components in some parts of the app - codebase was not modular

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