Smart Augmented Reality Glasses Prospects and Features


The augmented reality started to be discussed on and developed long ago. Nowadays, two main methods of its application are distinguished: smartphones and smart glasses. The relevance of the latter is still discussed and the major topics of discussions are availability and a question whether people are ready to such technology.

Smart augmented reality glasses have been developed and released by some companies for several years. Such gadgets have its pros and cons.

The advantages are:

  • use of simulations in different spheres;
  • new cycle in the entertainment sphere;
  • improved communication between specialists working on one project in different countries;
  • use for educational purposes.

Not everyone can evaluate all advantages of smart glasses and they are quite expensive. They have disadvantages too, for example, unwieldiness, poor performance, Internet connection dependence and an absence of the proper and convenient interaction with the sensor.

Prospects and Leaders on the Market

This technology has quite bright development prospects. The number of spheres, which representatives are interested in using augmented reality glasses, is increasing. The number of people who agree that such gadgets may make the life easier is rising too. According to the marketers’ forecasts, investments in this segment will grow by 2020.

Among the problems characterizing smart glasses from their worst side, the discrepancy of size and functionality, a big price and inexpediency of the glasses used by ordinary users are primarily noted. However, large corporations are searching for a solution for such imbalance.

The leading position in the development of the most optimum model of glasses is taken by Google with the project of the second Google glass model and Microsoft with Hololense.

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