Smart Pixel Watch from Google


Another Attempt to Bring the Accessory to Market

The idea of creating smart watches appeared a long ago. Despite a series of unsuccessful attempts, Google intends to implement this development once again. The product may be presented already in early October.

Features of New Mechanism

The new Pixel watch is not presented officially, so we have to rely on the unofficial data. According to this information, the model will function on Wear OS. Due to this, it will possible to work with Assistant.

The upgraded Android version has already yielded its dividends and the system has become working handier. It is supposed that three versions of the smart watch will appear:

  • Triton;
  • Ling;
  • Sardine.

Due to them, the users will be able to know not only the time, but also the relevant information if they have an Internet connection. The presented model will be equipped with a chip responsible for the functioning stability. Also, it will be possible to track and scan the user on the eye retina.

The developers are planning to work stably and smoothly with Google Glass. Despite the fact that glasses are not popular on the market at the moment, the global giant does not shut down its manufacturing. We will know more details about the future invention already in autumn when the company will present its development or announce its official release at least.

The implementation of a new smart watch is a tribute to fashion and a desire to demonstrate the developments in the required field. Actually, only some clients are ready to use this novelty. We will not have long to wait, and Google will pronounce its official position on this matter.

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