Smartphones with Non-Removable Batteries: What Is the Threat?


Modern gadgets with non-removable batteries are becoming increasingly common in the smartphone market. They attract users with long-term work and resistance of their batteries to external damage, but what is hidden by such design of devices and what about disadvantages? Let’s consider potential disadvantages of gadgets with non-removable batteries.

Shortcomings of modern smartphones

Of course, there are shortcomings primarily connected with a long-term operation of devices. There have not been mass failures primarily because such technology has started to be used relatively recently. Disadvantages are:

  • Lack of alternative ways to charge the device;
  • Battery capacity constantly decrease; to replace it, you have to visit an official service center where it is necessary to pay not only for the installment of a new battery, but also for removal of the old one;
  • No opportunity to buy an additional battery (if you are going to make a long trip).

Though, the latter can be solved by PowerBank.

Potential threats and risks

The user will start experiencing inconvenience after a few years of regular use when the duration of device’s work considerably decreases. Exactly at that time, you will have to pay for recovery of the gadget’s functioning.
Another risk is a potential damage when the device falls. Despite the fact that non-removable batteries are quite robust and are made of metal, there is a high likelihood that they can fail. Choose a modern gadget and battery’s design attentively not to pay twice in the future.

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