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  • Find scholarships and study abroad programs
  • Get reliable feedback
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Owner Problems

- A limited budget and timeline dedicated for the project development;
- A need for the whole development team containing specialists in different areas;
- A need for legal guarantees;
- A lack of understanding of how to build a huge solid application and a proper smooth workflow;

Why us?

- You will have a team of developers with a required technologies stack and working in the same office, managed by a Project Manager. That optimizes the time for a software development and thus reduce the final budget.
- Involvement of additional human resources per client's request, as well as replacement of the developers in case of emergency situations (illness, vacation). Thus we provide a fault tolerance.
- Solid communication built in cooperation with our clients. We will answer you at any time despite the difference of time zones.
- Successful delivery of the previous client's project.
- Legal guarantees in the form of a signed contract.

Project Overview

If you are a university graduate, a student or even a school grad, you are probably thinking a lot about your future right now, and getting a quality education is a hot topic among young people today. The idea of getting an education abroad is getting more and more popular every day, and we are here to help you choose your future.

Technologies we used here are:

- React.js is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
- Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript applications
- Node.js as a backend framework.
- MySQL as a database since it provides a great flexibility absolutely needed in such kind of tasks.
- Sequelize is a promise-based Node.js for My SQL

We present you a STUDY ABROAD project a quick, simple and easy way to find a scholarship, a study abroad program or even an institution just for your taste. Dozens of universities over the world, good scholarship programs for foreigners, thousands of reviews from real people it is all for your convenience here at STUDY ABROAD.

The main goal was to make the search of a needed program as simple and pleasant as possible. An easy interface was designed for you to filter your interests and abilities from step one you just choose where you are from and where do you want to get and all the options are before you. You just have to look for something suitable just for you.

The best way to ensure your success here at STUDY ABROAD is to create an account with your personal information. Thus being a Resume, Personal Statement, and a choice of some programs you are interested in. This will help managers from different institutions around the world estimate your abilities and chances and contact you if they have an offer just for you. A couple of easy steps and you are a part of STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM.

If you are a representative of an educative institution and want to be a part of our project, if you have something interesting to offer to different kinds of students around the world you have found just the place to do it. Here at STUDY ABROAD you can create an account for your university or school and offer various programs and scholarships on your terms. A detailed information estimated fees, available subjects, program terms will help interested students choose your university over others.

The mobile version of our project is also available and very simple. All the information you need to make your choice on your phone or tablet we care about your time and energy.

Join the STUDY ABROAD now and make the best choice for your future!


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