Telegram Phenomenon. File and Data Safety and Security


Telegram is becoming more popular with users from all corners of the world. Success factors are not only the simple and user-friendly interface and an opportunity to communicate with people all over the world for free, but also a data security provided by the app.

App features

Telegram was developed by Pavel Durov, a creator of Vkontakte. By using unique codes and ciphers, he provided almost a 100% guarantee of safety of data transferred by users in messages. Durov abandoned cooperation with government officials and made them mad. The messenger was repeatedly blocked and banned in countries exactly because intelligence organizations were not able to track files and data transmitted.

Advantages of Telegram are:

  • security;
  • wide choice of “channels” for any taste;
  • cloud data storage.

The latter is important especially in respect of music, as listening to tracks here is absolutely free. Moreover, tracks are saved in the cache then.

Development trends

The messenger provides an opportunity to make short (one-minute) video messages, which considerably facilitates communication between users. Telegram that initially focused only on the security is developing new directions, such as file and data exchange or creation of channels and groups. Despite the fact that there are not so many crucial differences from similar apps, they are quite significant for users appreciating their data security.
Developers create new codes and ciphers for data being accessible only to those, to whom they are transferred.

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