Top 5 Major Cryptocurrency Trends in 2018


In 2017, cryptocurrencies became one of the major trends of the year, and now this subject is still on the agenda. Bitcoin capitalization, its rate fluctuations. The appearance of new cryptocurrencies has shaken up the market. In 2018, we can also expect a range of key events that are directly connected with the world of finance and investments.

Key development directions

Cryptocurrencies deter a lot of potential investors with their instability. These are the major trends of 2018:

  1. Obtaining of the legal status. The fact that cryptocurrencies are not under centralized control is their unconditional advantage. However, a lack of legal control causes potential risks. People are afraid of losing their investments. Let’s consider the Belarus example: the cryptocurrency issue was addressed legislatively there and this caused a real boom in the country.
  2. Attitude review on ICO. The vast majority of start-ups connected with cryptocurrencies is not supported, so the market is unstable too. Investments in this sphere are quite exacting, so it is necessary to evaluate the prospects of all projects carefully before investing your funds.
  3. Development of other cryptocurrencies. The last year saw an absolute bitcoin’s prevalence. In 2018, other cryptocurrencies go on stage.
  4. Stock exchange decentralization. It will allow to expand an access to cryptocurrency and to attract new players. Already now exchanges have a considerable part of the market and this percentage will rise in the future.
  5. Blockchain application in practice. The safe technology of making transactions will be better developed.

In 2018, cryptocurrencies will continue developing rapidly and be more popular with wider segments of the population.

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