Total Tracking of Chinese Users


“Big Brother” Realities

It is no a secret that in China almost all social networks are prohibited or under the total control of the Government. Under such conditions, it is quite difficult to think about anonymity. Interlock bypass services are not working here, so the Chinese have to content with local social networks.

Tracking Features in the Celestial Kingdom

The purpose of the P.R. Chinese Government is incompatible with world leaders’ assurances and many users’ desires. Now, people are kept an eye on not only on the Internet, but also in the streets where face-recognition systems are installed. At present, over 170 million cameras are installed around the country. Their number will only rise in the near future. This will let the Government constantly monitor ordinary citizens’ lives.

The cameras are equipped with the artificial intelligence, so they need only a split second to find an object. Such system is an entire government program. People will receive points for good behavior, which will let:

  1. Get profitable loans or rely on the loyalty of the Government.
  2. Take up leading posts.
  3. Travel abroad.

The system requires enormous investments and China has them. Despite the fact that this resembles a plot of dystopias, this is quite scary for the real life. Here, the matter is the security not only in social media, but also beyond them. Despite this, local hackers and ordinary citizens actively try to be integrated into the global system. For this, anonymous proxy servers and other apps ensuring the secure web surfing are used.
Such total tracking can become a bad example to other countries who want to follow China’s steps.

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