Use of AI for Anti-Spam Protection


Useless letters from online shops and companies, commercial mailings and so on are so annoying now, that professionals have become developing programs to protect users from junk mail.

Protective mechanisms

Spam not only transfer useless data, but also detracts the person from his business. The measures protecting from junk mail have long been developing. First of all, you can:

  1. install spam filters and block messages from the mailers.
  2. regularly place letters to the spam folder, and they eventually stop annoying you.
  3. complain about ads.

However, it will be useless in the long term, as ad creators aim to make their content visible for a maximum quantity of people. The artificial intelligence automatically selects letters sent for showing ads or not providing useful information and filters them allowing the person do his business.

Advantages and disadvantages of AI implementation

The major disadvantage is a fact that some important letters can get to the spam folder accidentally. In general, there will be only advantages, especially if the system switches to the final stage. It gives almost a 100% guarantee that junk mail cannot reach you.

The person wastes several minutes just on cleaning his mail of spam. The artificial intelligence is aimed at eliminating this problem and facilitating users’ lives. Besides primitive AdBlock, more progressive programs are used to get rid of junk mail (AdGuard, AdCleaner). The further use of the modern developments will allow to minimize the amount of useless data.

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