Voluntary Mining as Alternative to App Advertisements


Different web portals have already started the experiment implying an absence of advertising on pages. However, users provide an access to their computers for the mining in turn. The client chooses on his own what alternative is the most suitable for him and how it interacts with the web page.

Specificity of mining with the user’s permission

Illegal mining is an offense happening more often now. Hackers get to people’s computers and other gadgets trying to get the cryptocurrency. Now Internet recourses offer a fair deal. Professionals see that most of the users have special ad blockers, so some content does not reach the target audience. Such option has been chosen to ensure a financial gain.
When the user gets to the web page, he can choose between disabling any blockers or providing an access to the mining. The specially developed program computes the needed power automatically. The word “mining” is not included in the response options not to deter particular customers. Moreover, web portals are covered by “scientific projects and humanitarian missions”.

Further development

Such version of the mining affects the performance of users’ computers and smartphones in a negative way. They:

  • become slower;
  • crash;
  • are at risk of capturing personal data.

The only advantage is a complete absence of annoying ads, and already now users agree on such condition. While the technology is being tested and customers are facing the voluntary mining and ads, the developers promise to eliminate the fault they have in the future.

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