Ways to Protect Gadgets from Hidden Mining


Due to the popularization of cryptocurrencies, a lot of users want to do mining. Obviously, such desire is caused by the appearance of individuals wanting to obtain bitcoin with your devices.

Beneficiation technology

Mining implies a data processing. As a result, a hash sum, which the entrepreneur calculates and for which he receives a reward, appears. The process is expensive and complex and requires huge costs of electricity and such modern equipment, as:

  • motherboard;
  • processors;
  • video cards.

Scammers start searching for other mining options opposite to legal ones. Illegal mining is done with either malicious programs or special scripts.

Signs of hidden mining and methods of protection

A characteristic feature of illegal entry is a device workload even if apps do not work at all. Also, do not ignore the fact that the smartphone quickly discharges. Most likely, you have been a victim of scammers.

The free tool Malwarebytes will allow to scan the gadget and to detect potential threats. Also, AdwCleaner will help. The combined use of the programs will let analyze the system state and detect add programs installed before. By undertaking regular preventive diagnostics, you will definitely secure your smartphone for 100%.

It is recommended to watch for your Internet safety carefully and not to get to unreliable websites. Scammers also use Java-Script to achieve their purposes.

Opera Software has already protected the browser from unauthorized mining. Developers care for ordinary users’ security but you should regularly check your gadget and install blocking programs. Even usual AdBlock will help to reduce potential risks.

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